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  • Bartmanhomer's Avatar
    06 Jul 2019, 12:54
    I just don't understand the logic and rationality of everybody get butthurt over a black mermaid. I don't have any problems having a black mermaid and I'm black myself. Like really? There's black mermaids in...
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  • Sean R. R.'s Avatar
    04 Aug 2019, 08:09
    This brings up a fairly interesting question. Can a person fail as a human being? Failing at something implies there is something to be done. After all, you cannot fail at nothing. The concept of failure as...
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  • Juniper's Avatar
    06 Jul 2019, 10:43
    I stole this from another forum. I think we can have fun with this. How it works: I wish my house cleaned itself.
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  • anubisa's Avatar
    03 Jun 2019, 07:38
    I really hope you all don't think I am being cute or anything, because I am not. I am really getting addicted to gatorade and I just cannot seem to break it. I used to love soda and I can't remember how I cut...
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  • Bartmanhomer's Avatar
    07 May 2019, 14:12
    I feel like that I want to discuss something important about the a famous YouTube that I'm not even a fan of. His name is Etika. He happen to be a famous Youtuber who streams video games. Up to this point his...
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  • Will's Avatar
    28 Apr 2019, 21:26
    I'm trying to find information on forms of demonolatry that don't involve Satan or Satanism. I heard somewhere that such exists. Does it? Can anyone provide me with any sources or information on it? I'm...
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  • Hawkfeathers's Avatar
    26 Jul 2019, 06:25
    Apparently, there's a petition going around the USA to change the date so it will always fall on a Saturday.
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  • MicheŠl's Avatar
    20 Apr 2019, 01:33
    MicheŠl started a thread Heya in Introductions
    Wow, didn't know there were any active pagan forums still around! Awesome. I'm Mike. I've been involved with western esoteric groups in the past, but have always been active in Wicca where I'm a Priest in the...
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  • Bartmanhomer's Avatar
    12 Jun 2019, 04:33
    Anubisa pointed out in the rant thread that there has been a lot of disagreement lately. Yes, it's true that have been so many disagreements in the forum and everybody have different viewpoints. There are two...
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  • volcaniclastic's Avatar
    28 Apr 2019, 08:25
    Hey friends, been mulling this idea over for a while. I'm willing to put in the leg work, but what about an actual PF cookbook? I'm thinking like in the style of those little community cookbooks that you...
    13 replies | 1421 view(s)
  • Medusa's Avatar
    31 Jul 2019, 19:33
    I have gps! Anywho, hello. I am Medusa and I've been a member here since Rok n Roll. Get it. Rok? *is this thing on? I digress. I'm an old member but not ancient. I'm only 47. My mind is 14, my bones...
    13 replies | 710 view(s)
  • Celtic_'s Avatar
    26 Jul 2019, 04:08
    Just wondering, if you had the flu or something that wouldn't go away without antibiotics, or worse, what rituals can you perform to be healed?
    15 replies | 1191 view(s)
  • Bartmanhomer's Avatar
    05 Aug 2019, 15:54
    Seriously the whole planet Earth is full of idiots with their stupid mindset especially the country that I'm living in. I want to know are they any life on any planets that are discovered yet because I want to...
    17 replies | 690 view(s)
  • Heka's Avatar
    15 Jun 2019, 23:55
    What crystals would you pick for a beginner? What would you take into consideration? Yesterday I went to a psychic fair (yay!) and one of my friends was unable to come. She was hoping to buy some crystals,...
    13 replies | 1034 view(s)
  • mathieu's Avatar
    29 Sep 2019, 08:40
    Hello, I planify to see again a shaman in some week. What should i do in your opinion to make it has efficient as possible?
    16 replies | 717 view(s)
  • thalassa's Avatar
    03 May 2019, 03:09
    thalassa started a thread Where should we go? in Hobbies
    Okay, so... It looks like the fam will be moving over the summer to Germany (specifically, Ansbach) for 3-5 years. Those of you that live in Europe, those of you that have been to Europe, those of you with...
    9 replies | 1061 view(s)
  • SnowLeFae's Avatar
    14 Jul 2019, 21:54
    Hi! I am new here, but not new. I posted here as "aMuse" years ago, but stopped coming here when Chain died (RIP). I tried to use my old name, and it said I did not exist. I guess it is appropriate, as I...
    12 replies | 733 view(s)
  • Darth Brooks's Avatar
    28 Apr 2019, 11:21
    Howdy everyone! My name's G.B., but I used to go by the name Darth Brooks back in the days of Mystic Wicks and other such Pagan forums in the late 2000s and early 2010s. I recognize a few names here and there...
    9 replies | 1059 view(s)
  • ApolloDream's Avatar
    12 May 2019, 06:36
    Greetings, Long story short you can check out my last post in the SAFE zone. No one replied, and that is kind of not helpful. Apollo seemed to have come to me in a dream last year. I kept seeing either...
    6 replies | 1383 view(s)
  • Corvus's Avatar
    05 Oct 2019, 23:22
    I'm currently taking a class on grief and bereavement across different cultures. I thought it would be interesting, of only because I'm currently doing work as pagan clergy and it would behoove me to have as...
    12 replies | 478 view(s)
  • Eleanor's Avatar
    07 Aug 2019, 11:31
    So my boyfriend and I have been together now for almost 3,5 years. As is with every relationship the butterflies disappear after a while and what's left is the real picture of the person in front of you. I...
    12 replies | 631 view(s)
  • regretting_nothing's Avatar
    23 Jul 2019, 13:30
    Hello! Obviously, I'm new here!! Stumbled across this forum in my research and thought it might be an informative place to further educate myself. I look forward to reading all the interesting possibilities...
    10 replies | 723 view(s)
  • Bartmanhomer's Avatar
    30 May 2019, 21:30
    In case if you don't know who's Ciro Marchetti is he the creator of the Gilded Reverie Lenormand Deck and Gilded Tarot Deck. I discovered some horrible truth to this guy. He's a disrespectful jerk. You see a...
    11 replies | 949 view(s)
  • Rhythm's Avatar
    17 Jul 2019, 13:26
    Rhythm started a thread Hey yall in Introductions
    New user, old hat in the pagan community. Iíve participated in a handful of religious discussion boards over the last decade, figured I ought to find a place that made me smile more than made me grit my...
    11 replies | 607 view(s)
  • Twin.Wendigo's Avatar
    11 Aug 2019, 09:27
    So iím Reaching out to elders out ther out of curiosity. I know questioning the universe is usually a bad idea, however, for educational purposes here we go! So when I was searching for my totem and...
    9 replies | 793 view(s)
  • Eleanor's Avatar
    25 Aug 2019, 02:54
    Spirituality has been a great part of my life. It has helped me through a lot of difficult times and it has increased my life quality. It helps me find inner strength, love, peace and joy. I mostly experience...
    10 replies | 769 view(s)
  • B. de Corbin's Avatar
    14 Aug 2019, 11:10
    Crayfish aren't commonly harvested in Michigan, unlike some of the southern states, so I figure that it oughtta be fairly easy to trap enough for dinner. I just finished making two traps, and tomorrow I'll...
    9 replies | 604 view(s)
  • Bartmanhomer's Avatar
    19 Aug 2019, 13:54
    Well, it's about time that the NYPD enforce their code of conduct to fire that guy. Today I heard that the NYPD finally fire Daniel Pantiello or whatever his last name is for chokehold Eric Garner to death. To...
    12 replies | 482 view(s)
  • Heka's Avatar
    21 Jun 2019, 07:13
    Heka started a thread Readings in Divination & Astrology
    Heka needs practise. Heka's own reading work/other messages are giving her instructions to read for people. Runes are my main jam. I've got a new Oracle deck I'm playing with. I have 3 other Oracle...
    9 replies | 824 view(s)
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