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  • Juniper's Avatar
    06 Mar 2019, 19:58
    What do you love about yourself?
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  • Bartmanhomer's Avatar
    06 Jul 2019, 12:54
    I just don't understand the logic and rationality of everybody get butthurt over a black mermaid. I don't have any problems having a black mermaid and I'm black myself. Like really? There's black mermaids in...
    67 replies | 2835 view(s)
  • Austin.Apollo's Avatar
    19 Feb 2019, 15:48
    I'm 29 years old and I was a drug addict for many years starting when I was 15. I've been to jail multiple times and even been to state prison just for being an addict in possesion of drugs to many times. Now...
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  • Bartmanhomer's Avatar
    23 Feb 2019, 15:10
    I need your opinion on this. Ok about by a few years ago I subscribed a Youtube known as Intuitive Retta. She's a tarot reader who does a tarot reading and she's also a conspiracy theorist as well. I found...
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  • Sean R. R.'s Avatar
    04 Aug 2019, 08:09
    This brings up a fairly interesting question. Can a person fail as a human being? Failing at something implies there is something to be done. After all, you cannot fail at nothing. The concept of failure as...
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  • Tylluan Penry's Avatar
    25 Mar 2019, 11:41
    Wales - for a small country - is curiously progressive. It had 'opt out' organ donor cards instead of 'opt in' ones. A Welsh Politician, the great Nye Bevan, introduced the National Health Service. We still...
    41 replies | 2246 view(s)
  • Sollomyn's Avatar
    10 Mar 2019, 05:41
    Sollomyn started a thread Smoking in Health & Healing
    I have been a chain-smoker of cigarettes for years; the longest I've ever stayed quit before, is two days, and an unknown amount of hours of a third day. If I'd have been able to stay quit for three whole...
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  • Sollomyn's Avatar
    25 Mar 2019, 08:24
    I have a dream; a dream of a simpler world from long ago, back when people weren't segregated from the Earth by layers of concrete, and dependent upon fragile systems that would mean the end of their world as...
    30 replies | 2067 view(s)
  • AzureAkita's Avatar
    08 Mar 2019, 04:23
    (Correct me if I’m using the wrong term.)!What would you say it takes to be a Sea Witch? I love the sea and have always felt a closer connection to Mother Ocean than to Mother Earth (heck, even my birthstone...
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  • anubisa's Avatar
    04 Apr 2019, 18:54
    anubisa started a thread Respect in General Discussion
    I had a lady call me the other day at work and she told me that she went to one of the rudest AE stores. There were a lot of teenagers working there (nothing against them) and they just seemed extremely...
    24 replies | 1890 view(s)
  • Sollomyn's Avatar
    13 Mar 2019, 16:58
    That's a good song, by the way, haha, but that's not what this is about. This is about that strange, deep-seeded sadness I feel in my heart when I stand at the top of the cliff overlooking my city; a vast...
    26 replies | 2156 view(s)
  • Celtic_'s Avatar
    22 Mar 2019, 18:46
    Are there any types of birds heavily related to mythology and in ancient epics In response to this...
    27 replies | 1739 view(s)
  • thalassa's Avatar
    13 Mar 2019, 09:29
    thalassa started a thread Moving Abroad in Hearth and Home
    So... Some of you may be aware already, we don't have a do-or-die date yet, but I took a 3 year position in Germany and will be moving over the summer. Which means there are a lot of things to think...
    23 replies | 1884 view(s)
  • faye_cat's Avatar
    27 Mar 2019, 16:27
    Not sure if there's a thread for all the live action Disney movies or not so figured I'd just play it safe. I'm not a huge fan of Disney's need to re-do all of their movies as live actions (Or...pure CGI...
    22 replies | 1658 view(s)
  • Bartmanhomer's Avatar
    15 Mar 2019, 15:32
    Is there a neutral religion exist anywhere on this planet? You know a religion that balances good and evil.
    18 replies | 1652 view(s)
  • Juniper's Avatar
    06 Jul 2019, 10:43
    I stole this from another forum. I think we can have fun with this. How it works: I wish my house cleaned itself.
    27 replies | 1027 view(s)
  • ThorsSon's Avatar
    26 Feb 2019, 21:21
    hey, I don't see links to be able to give reputation points to people anymore... I know that it is still possible, since I've received new rep points recently... I just am not able to do it myself, it would...
    16 replies | 1394 view(s)
  • anubisa's Avatar
    03 Jun 2019, 07:38
    I really hope you all don't think I am being cute or anything, because I am not. I am really getting addicted to gatorade and I just cannot seem to break it. I used to love soda and I can't remember how I cut...
    18 replies | 1074 view(s)
  • Bartmanhomer's Avatar
    07 May 2019, 14:12
    I feel like that I want to discuss something important about the a famous YouTube that I'm not even a fan of. His name is Etika. He happen to be a famous Youtuber who streams video games. Up to this point his...
    17 replies | 1233 view(s)
  • Tylluan Penry's Avatar
    18 Mar 2019, 05:13
    Nailing my colours to the mast before I start - I dislike blackface intensely, along with Golliwogs and all the things people try to excuse as just a product of their time. However, sometimes I see something...
    14 replies | 1389 view(s)
  • Nick's Avatar
    13 Mar 2019, 07:42
    Nick started a thread Newbie here! in Introductions
    Hello to all paganists! My name is Nick, and I'm a sweet young boy living in Greece, who always wanted to express himself in a way that I'm not judged by others for what I am! Some of my favorite things I...
    18 replies | 1081 view(s)
  • mathieu's Avatar
    15 Apr 2019, 10:21
    mathieu started a thread Hi i'am mathieu in Introductions
    Hello, I came here by curiosity. I'am not really a beleiver but I feel religion might be good for me. I have few values, I want to find in a religion: * I beleive in freedom, people should have the...
    15 replies | 1019 view(s)
  • Micheál's Avatar
    20 Apr 2019, 01:33
    Micheál started a thread Heya in Introductions
    Wow, didn't know there were any active pagan forums still around! Awesome. I'm Mike. I've been involved with western esoteric groups in the past, but have always been active in Wicca where I'm a Priest in the...
    14 replies | 898 view(s)
  • Sollomyn's Avatar
    10 Mar 2019, 08:49
    Witch Names, Craft Names, Heartnames; I've heard all of these terms used. Do you use such a magickal name, and if so, do you have any specific beliefs or practices in regards to your chosen name? For...
    14 replies | 1214 view(s)
  • Will's Avatar
    28 Apr 2019, 21:26
    I'm trying to find information on forms of demonolatry that don't involve Satan or Satanism. I heard somewhere that such exists. Does it? Can anyone provide me with any sources or information on it? I'm...
    15 replies | 1392 view(s)
  • lunaXsilvermoon's Avatar
    06 Mar 2019, 08:10
    Hello there! My name is Cameron, but most people I know call me Luna or a variant of that. I use They/Them pronouns, so please use those for me! I'm 16 years old, but I've felt callings to another religion...
    12 replies | 978 view(s)
  • Eleanor's Avatar
    19 Feb 2019, 11:20
    I've been doing a little experiment lately where I keep two diaries. One is just my normal diary in which I write whatever is going on in my life. The second diary is a new one in which I write about my day as...
    12 replies | 1027 view(s)
  • Bartmanhomer's Avatar
    12 Jun 2019, 04:33
    Anubisa pointed out in the rant thread that there has been a lot of disagreement lately. Yes, it's true that have been so many disagreements in the forum and everybody have different viewpoints. There are two...
    13 replies | 989 view(s)
  • B. de Corbin's Avatar
    22 Mar 2019, 12:25
    I'm watching The Life of Brian. I think this may be one of the best movies of the 20th century, but my brain feels funny right now, so I may be wrong.
    15 replies | 981 view(s)
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