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    Published on 03 Jun 2011 17:22
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    Spells: The Art of Crafting and Casting
    an article from The Pagan Forum, written by Raphaeline
    What Exactly Is A Spell?

    Before we don our black, conical hats and get down to work at the potion table, letís take a look at what magic and spells are really all about Ė and how each of us might connect to the art of casting and use it to our benefit.

    Just about everyone has already accepted some definition of what a Witch is. Some of us feel that Witches work with or for the Devil, while others consider him or her as a ditzy hippie. It all comes down to that thing they do; casting spells. Itís important that, before we take a look at what a spell is, we establish what a spell isnít.

    A spell is not its incantation, and a spell is not its components. Just because you say the words, just because you added just the right herb and lit the corresponding incense, does not mean your spell will be successful. In the examples most people have seen, such as Harry Potter, itís the opposite; if you donít wave your wand just the right way, youíll end up with a horrible mess. Thatís not the case! It is your energy, your mindfulness, your mentality that counts.

    A spell is not the easy way out. The single most attractive thing about magic (other than, perhaps, the theater of casting) ...
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