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  1. Re: Curious for answers and help anyone can give

    Glad to hear! I just want to add this: don't get too bogged down with research and what other people have written... gods and others spirits (and more) prefer one on one/personal interaction, finding...
  2. Re: Curious for answers and help anyone can give

    Hi lizzdee123,
    Do you mean the Green Man? Cernunnos?
    Probably wants a relationship with you, that's why any deity would come in a dream out of nowhere.
    Start by just talking to him, asking what he...
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    Re: Concerns and Worship?

    Hi monso leedra,
    I disagree. I found past lives to be helpful for myself and some others I conversed with. I learned how to do it from a knowledgeable person, yes I did pay and that person was...
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    Re: Concerns and Worship?

    I don't follow any system. I have read some modern pagan books and maybe a couple of websites and found most of them useless for me.
    I've always liked the actual myths (and try to see what they...
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    Re: Interesting Update!

    I asked Thor for snow once, I think it was August and hot too. Then maybe two days later I see on TV a place where it was snowing... I was amused!
    So it was him playing around in your area. Oh, he...
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    Re: Numerology

    It MIGHT be one of your numbers... that is, if you know the numbers you were born with. A good book to read is Numberology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker. Full of good...
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    Re: Quitting Tarot?

    monsno leedra,
    Interesting. Did you ever wonder why they stopped communicating with you?

    Glad to hear they are useful for you.

    Interesting, although I don't consider...
  8. Re: Any information on Apollo other than the myths?

    Hello ApolloDream,
    Did you try direct contact with this deity? Like prayers, asking for help or just telling him how you feel?
    Usually when a deity keeps getting your attention they really want to...
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    Quitting Tarot?

    Has anyone ever gave up Tarot?
    (I mean stopped reading altogether)
    I feel the Tarot hasn't really helped me with my issues. I had read for others, and they felt it helped and/or received...
  10. Re: Bullied by a entity I thought was a deity please offer love and support don't jud

    Hello cool4kenaz,
    First, why do you think the gods are always nice?
    Second, I would say that you and your friend had an unpleasant encounter, not bullying.
    Now, Loki is my patron. He is a very...
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