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    Sticky: Re: Ask A Wiccan

    You ask a good question. In the kind of Wicca that focuses on just the goddess then, no, you don't have to believe in the god. I know there's Atheist Wiccans, though I don't know how that's possible....
  2. Re: One more reason to avoid eating bat soup

    Who freaking eats bat soup?
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    Re: Stone Cold supports same sex marriage

    Oh please,that's not a valid reason. But, whatever, you like his foul mouth and what he does, fine. But I don't support him or anything that he says. ANYTHING!
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    Sticky: Re: Learning Tarot, Looking for Sources

    I agree with you on that. I have the Witch's Tarot that Ellen Dugan brought out and I'm sort of getting the meanings of the cards. But it's taking a lot of practice and focus.
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    Re: Let's Hear It for Loki!

    My mother is Christian and drawn to Loki. I think it's the outcast aura that he brings out. I know that I've worked with Loki before and he's a mover and shaker kind of god.
  6. Re: Christian converting to paganism. Mentor wanted

    I know, I have. It's really confusing when you feel drawn to a path and then something happens and another path opens up.
  7. Re: Oh those darned atheists and their Jesus killing rampages

    Can we all just shake our heads at this. This is what happens when I've been off the net for months. Miss all the crazy news.
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    Sticky: Re: Pagan News & Pagans in the News

    I never heard of him, as I don't really get out much in the pagan community. There are only two pagan events in Louisville and I haven't yet been to any of them. I just shake my head that a man would...
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    Re: Stone Cold supports same sex marriage

    I don't approve of his mouth.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Why do you support a man, jcaternolo, that has the foulest mouth in the world, well here in America? There have been hundreds of people that...
  10. Re: Woman sues kid she ran over and killed.

    I'm telling you it's freaks like this that makes me wonder about society. She should be jailed. Why isn't she in jail. Here in the States we arrest people like that and let them live in the land of...
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    Sticky: Re: A perspective on Druidry and Druidism.

    A lot of really good information. I'm currently with the New Order of Druids which is totally free. I've done one assignment in the Student handbook and have to wait five days before I can do the...
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    Re: Druid practice

    I'm personally just learning how to channel energy, but I do feel it all around me. Especially when I'm doing ritual.
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    New Order of Druids

    I just started, again, the course for The New Order of Druids. Has anyone else done this course and how well did you like it?
  14. Re: Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids Training Course?

    You know, I did the whole thing and it really confused me. Why they couldn't have it in American Dollars is beyond my understanding. Sigh, groan, and shake my head.
  15. Re: Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids Training Course?

    So how much would that be monthly, because I want to join next month.
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    Re: Broom Closet Advice?

    I'm going to agree with that. Being pagan isn't about the altar, books, herbs, or spells. It's about living your daily life as a pagan. So parents can take your books, altar, and other things away...
  17. Has anyone read Above, Below, Within?

    This book is sold out on but does anyone have the book and what do you think of it. It's written by author Keith Nicholson and I did watch an interview that he had on a radio video show....
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    Re: Money Spell not working

    If I do a money spell I would find a goddess that's connected to fortune, like Fortuna. I would write down how much money that I need and use her myth to connect what I want to her. Personally I...
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    Re: Sex Ritual -- the Controversy!

    I'm going to agree with you on this point. Ritual sex and sex magic are all ways to raise energy. Wicca is a fertility religion and sex is apart of it. This is what gets me about some, and I mean...
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    Re: Witches of East End

    Hay, don't we all need an escape.
  21. Re: Thinking of doing a banishing/punishing spell

    So true. If your going to do hurt, then keep it to yourself. Some people just don't understand what Chaos magick is. I really don't get it, but I don't judge those that do practice it.
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    Sticky: Re: The Budget Pagan

    I'm going to agree with you. However, I have no choice but to get herbs at the shop, or on-line, because I don't have enough pots to grow all the herbs that I want.
  23. Re: Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids Training Course?

    To anyone that has paid for the course. How much is it in U.S Dollars?
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    Witches of East End

    I haven't watched this show, but it's going into it's second season. Has anyone watched this show and how good is it?
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    Re: Coffee connoisseur

    I like the stuff from Boca Java, which I haven't ordered in months due to money issues. So I get what's on the shelf that doesn't remind me of my bad childhood.
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