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    Re: The Pledge of Allegiance

    While the "under God" part in the Pledge is a more recent addition, there have been a few examples in the past that leaned toward the same idea. The fourth verse to the Star-Spangled Banner goes...
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    Re: Ask a Shinto Q and A

    How do you define a Kami?
  3. Re: Anyone know a good Gnostic Christian community?

    Absolute tosh. Even classical Gnostics disagreed with each other and wrote treatises condemning each others' schools. There was no monolithic GNOSTICISM competing with orthodox Christianity. There...
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    Re: Sex Ritual -- the Controversy!

    I never really got into sex magick, even as a passing interest. I will generally have interest in most types of alternative theology and ritual. For some reason, sex magick is one where I have zero...
  5. Re: Need help finding the name of a religion

    Technically, Sophia did create the physical world by giving birth to the Demiurge. Maybe I'm splitting hairs.

    I know that there are some theistic Satanists that consider Sophia a venerable...
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    Re: Claudia Procula (Pilate's Wife)

    Gospel of Nicodemus
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    Sticky: Re: Things that make you smile

    This video is SO stupid. I almost pissed my pants laughing.
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    Re: Claudia Procula (Pilate's Wife)

    Because he repented and became a holy person and all that. Generally due to the Gospel of Nicodemus, specifically the Acts of Pilate.
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    Re: Claudia Procula (Pilate's Wife)

    In case you aren't aware, Pontius Pilate is considered a repentant saint in the Oriental Orthodox communion, specifically the Coptic church.
  10. Re: Guys, I have a serious problem....

    As I suspected, he's a shit bag and one of the worst breeds. He's likely insecure on the inside so he attempts to dominate and lord his power over those weaker than him. "Behold, female. Were I to...
  11. Re: Gnostic Mass kickstarter (Thelema)


    The video has been created and can be viewed here. FYI, it's a Gnostic mass so there's nudity and stuff.

  12. Re: Christianity and a Return to the Early Church

    Interesting. So you equate early Christianity as the time before there was a codified liturgy, temple/church worship, and church canonical law? How do you reconcile this with the fact that Judaism...
  13. Re: Guys, I have a serious problem....

    As a police officer, I would recommend that you run to the hills and don't look back. He's beginning the cycle of abuse. What you're in is called the tension-building phase. He's attempting to...
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    Re: The Divinity of Christ

    Absolutely. In apostolic Christianity, that's precisely the penultimate goal. It's called theosis in the East and deification in the West. It is summed up by the famous quote from Saint Athansius...
  15. Re: Christianity and a Return to the Early Church

    That would depend on which early church you're referring to. Just after the crucifixion, there was already a rift between Jewish Torah-observing Christians (James' following) and Gentile converts...
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    Re: give me advice

    Religious syncretism has existed since people have had religion. You're simply doing what your ancestors did - you're finding your worldview and pulling arguments and beliefs by people that believed...
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    Re: The Divinity of Christ

    Well, the obvious place to look for the standard Trinitarian view would be On the Incarnation by Athanasius of Alexandria.

    I can give you standard Trinitarian arguments that most Nicene Christians...
  18. Re: Finding Balance between the Masculine and Feminine

    I've had issues with this. I looked for a long time for a religion that was gender friendly and had either a nice balance or an equal tension between these aspects. This is why I can't be...
  19. Re: Pythagorean Illumination (also described in ebooks free until about July 6, 2013)

    Thanks for the links. I've downloaded all that I could. There seem to be three of his books that are still listed as 3.99 and one listed for Free for Amazon Prime members only. The rest are free. ...
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    Re: Pre-Judaism polytheism?

    There was a web page dedicated to Canaanite religion but I think the organization is either defunct or has moved to something else.

    Regardless, the web page is still up if you want to look...
  21. Gnostic Mass kickstarter (Thelema)

    Just an FYI. There's a kickstarter campaign on Indiegogo for a professionally done Liber XV. They're at 5700 of 9200 if anyone would like to see something like this. You can chip in as little or...
  22. Re: Why the mantis shrimp is my new favourite animal

    Mantis shrimp isn't the only badass shrimp. Check out the pistol shrimp.
  23. Re: What song(s) do you find the most emotional for you?

  24. Re: What do you read for confirmation of your path?

    I'm not familiar with any of those. What are they exactly?
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    Re: Worshipping Archangels as Deities


    I would not consider you Christo-Pagan because Christianity only recognizes three Archangels: Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel. Uriel is implied but never specifically referenced in any...
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