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    Re: I Need Help

    I think the first thing you need to do is determine if you really want to quit and who your doing it for.

    i smoked for years and tried several times to quit. Unfortunately, most often I was...
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    Re: Gabby Petito

    We have a missing person here as well, Cassie Sheets.
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    Re: Hello all :)

    Welcome to the forum.

    Just a bit of advise, don't worry about titles or how you identify yourself on the forums. Heck even in your everyday life. You might find yourself getting trapped by the...
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    Re: Why are you here?

    If I recall correctly I found the site as I was looking for a new forum. A number of the sites I belonged to at the time were in the process of shutting down. A few of the people I knew from other...
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    Re: Afghanistan

    Don't think Putin will play there, Russia has already been through that story line. Not to say he may not "support" whomever is the leading power player.

    The problem I think is the West (to...
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    Re: Whatcha thinking about now? (v3)

    Admit I was sort of wondering about that myself. I've had three of them total so far. Not the most enjoyable for certain but to me not the most painful thing I've experienced either. Granted...
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    Re: Hello everyone. I'm back.

    Welcome back.
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    Re: Hello! And, where to go?

    To be honest this is somewhat of a difficult question to answer. Mostly due to the fact there is no clear cut, one size fits all answer.

    Consider Animism for instance. You basically have two...
  9. Re: A frustrated effort to reach out to a self-proclaimed shaman

    I admit I'm intrigued by your response.

    Sandra Ingerman still has her site up and still lists her schedule of classes and courses available for calendar year 2021 listed. Sort of looks contrary...
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    Sticky: Re: The Rant Thread (v1.3)

    BMH, have you actually looked at a map to see the legal status of marijuana laws worldwide?

    Figure the...
  11. Re: A frustrated effort to reach out to a self-proclaimed shaman

    Like MaskedOne not sure why you posted this here. The thread title suggests contacting an author and receiving no response. Yet, to me anyway, the content suggests something else.

    To be honest...
  12. Re: I'm So Glad That EDP445 Is Cancelled Off The Internet

    More sad than anything
  13. Thread: New here

    by monsno_leedra

    Re: New here

    Just a quick note here but in the Chakra system you have major and minor chakra's. The Major Chakra's are usually said to align with the spine. The minor or lessor chakra's are typically shown to...
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    Sticky: Re: The Rant Thread (v1.3)

    Guess I'll do a rant here just to add something.

    About a year ago, maybe a bit more, we replaced the engine in our truck. So our son comes home and say's there is a knocking in the engine. Yep,...
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    Re: Where Is Everybody Anyway?

    I log in every day but nothing really of interest to respond to. I have a few things I am responding to via pm's but that's it.
  16. The Site of the Salem Witch Trial Hangings Finally Has a Memorial

    This is more news than anything so though i'd place it here. It's not exactly new though as it has been ongoing for a bit so this is more of a follow-up article than anything.

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    Re: Groundhog Day

    Well the Ground Hog has a small role in the Jack Frost cartoon. He sort of narrates the cartoon for a bit then old man winter says the ground hog tells him when his time is up.

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    Re: Groundhog Day

    Now that is something I didn't know. Personally I like the Jack Frost story line better though he he he
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    Sticky: Re: The Rant Thread (v1.3)

    Hang tough, hopefully it will pass you by or you'll quickly recover if you should be exposed and catch it.
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    Re: The COVID Vaccine

    Truthfully no.

    Something to consider. When I was active duty we were given shots for everything and anything that came along. We had no choice in the matter. The only exception being if we were...
  21. Re: Have you ever encountered a Cryptid Creature?

    Being in the Navy I've heard and seen some strange things out at sea. Some are weird sounding such as whale cries at night. Other's just sort of odd or mystical such as the glowing wake stretching...
  22. Re: My Female Co-Worker Is Being Abused At My Job

    Truthfully never saw much use of that tactic myself.

    On the civilian side it was usually employed by mostly women who were acting like mothers to the sub-performing employee. I think they though...
  23. Re: My Female Co-Worker Is Being Abused At My Job

    Honestly BMH there is not enough here to even make a suggestion about.

    If she is complaining to you then is she truly being "B*tched" at or is she using that as a motivator to correct you? ...
  24. Re: Been having encounters with owls, does it mean anything?

    Hm, the time frames would seem to fit for an Owl going out on the hunt or returning from it's nightly hunting period. Figure the Owl would be heading out just after or near dusk and heading back in...
  25. Re: Been having encounters with owls, does it mean anything?

    Let me preface this with these are all my own opinions so take them at that. Ok that said here goes.

    I'll start with the divinity aspect first. For most divinities associated with Owls they have...
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