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    Re: Greece: How do you get to retire at 45

    So both crises are related. Only the banks win, profiting from the suffering of ordinary people, which is the common denominator.
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    Re: Greece: How do you get to retire at 45

    Well it complicated. There is no single explanation for the crisis. One of the explanation is mismanagement on the Greek side. The other is the role financial derivatives played in the crisis.
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    Re: Greece: How do you get to retire at 45

    It really not that simple. People in North America like to say the whole European debt crisis happened because of laziness and if we all resigned ourselves to working 80 hours until we were 80...
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    Sticky: Re: Describe your path

    What Gods or Pantheon do you believe in?
    Still trying to figure this one out. Its big for me. I am certainly moving toward a soft polytheism or duotheism. Goddess worship will be a part of it but...
  5. Re: Paganism is a religion built upon consumerism?

    Interesting read. I wholeheartedly agree that Paganism can and should try to separate itself from capitalism and consumerism as much as possible. As for the assertion that paganism is "quite unlike...
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    Re: Becoming A Father

    Yes this a miraculous moment. For those that do not believe in miracles, I can only say, perhaps they have not experienced the birth of their own child. Reason does not explain it in way that...
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    Re: Initiation Question

    Very interesting. The more I find out the more I understand how superficial my knowledge really is.
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    Re: All things happen for a reason?

    Everything happens for a reason? The majority of people on this planet are born into soul crushing poverty and are barely given a chance to figure anything out, other than to figure where their next...
  9. Re: Trump making friends is not his best talent.

    Trump will never be President (I hope--I'm not American so I don't get a vote).

    Trump is egomaniacal, self serving, and mad for power. In this way. he is just like every other politician. ...
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    Re: Labelling My Beliefs

    Most Evangelical Protestants like Baptist and the various flavours of Pentecostals stick strictly to sola fides idea. So much so that their charitable activities in the community are focused...
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    Re: Shinjin - Hai.

    I'm not convinced that the hardships exist to strengthen us.

    How do the hardships make us stronger? Is this universally true? Some people just end up broken by them or forever changed by them -...
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    Re: Shinjin - Hai.

    Yes, I think that's right. No thinking person can have belief without doubt. True belief does not exist without doubt.

    Do the hardships exist to make us stronger? I don't know about that. I...
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    Re: Shinjin - Hai.

    If you have belief without doubt or skepticism then that belief is not fully formed or has not matured. Life constantly challenges faith and yet we as human want to believe in something that is...
  14. Re: Is life a right, or a privilege? [Trigger warning for everything]

    I disagree. Those that adapt in nature survive. The dinosaurs were big and strong but they died because they didn't adapt. Same with Neanderthals. They were bigger and stronger than humans but died...
  15. Re: Is life a right, or a privilege? [Trigger warning for everything]

    Once born we have the right to life. Its the most basic human right there is and its non-negotiable. There are other basic human rights which are spelled in the UN Universal Declaration of Human...
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    Re: Nipple Equality

    An it harm none, do what thou wilt

    That about sums it up. The only reason to prohibit bare-chestedness in public is the No shirt, No Shoes, No Service rule which is fine for restaurants, more for...
  17. Re: Nationality Stereotypes (split from Atrocities thread)

    Yes Canadians are polite, its true. In some ways I'm stereotypical Canadian that way. Its one of those things I think coming from a cold climate you have to rely on others, so you have to treat...
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    Re: Game of Thrones (Book and Show spoilers!)

    Well its quite the cliffhanger, I have to admit. Reminds me of Caesar's Assassination on the Ides of March which I suppose it what it meant to to do. I love the show for its visuals and its echos...
  19. Re: Can Mindfulness Meditation have Negative Side Effects?

    Rae-ya, what you say makes sense to me. I do think its more a matter of people going too deep when are not prepared. I am interested exploring these things, but where should I start?
  20. Re: Are the Gods of Polytheism extra terrestrial beings?

    Does anyone remember the original Star Trek episode "Who mourns for Adonais?" It deals with this topic. The crew of the Enterprise are held captive by a being who claims to be Apollo
  21. Can Mindfulness Meditation have Negative Side Effects?

    What does everyone think of this? I really don't know what to make of it, to be honest, but I am interested in getting opinions on this article. I do find it difficult to believe that 7% may suffer...
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    Re: Chicago Blackhawks win Stanley Cup

    Habs rule! Bleu, Blanc, Rouge Ole Ole Ole Our time is coming soon!!

    Nos bras meurtris vous tendent le flambeau, ā vous toujours de le porter bien haut.
    To you from failing hands we throw the...
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    Re: The female identity in the bible.

    Is actually a pretty good article on the subject of the feminine aspects of the Judeo-Christian God, known by most Christians as the Holy Spirit
  24. Thread: Hello!

    by gelman66

    Re: Hello!

    Welcome to the forum
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    Sticky: Re: Whats everyone reading now or read lately

    The Orenda by Joseph Boyden It takes place in what was to become Canada (Southern Ontario) in the early 17th Century. There are three point of view characters, Bird, a Huron (Wyandot) warrior, a...
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