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    Re: Anyone feel like Thor is with you?

    I am not taking a position that refrains from learning- rather one that seeks to learn first from spirit. In my life, I spent loads and loads of time learning, researching, pouring over books from...
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    Re: Anyone feel like Thor is with you?

    how about present tense? "i don't strive for connection"? " the gods and wights are present"? "the gods are not invisible people in a spiritual realm"? "bees polinating crops and being fertile is a...
  3. Re: Christians have no right to wear cross at work, says Government

    I guess folks can't understand that It isnt to take religion out of everything htat most people want, but simply to be free to worship however they wish. I mean, what does it matter if someone wears...
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    Re: How long will pickles keep

    magellan kept in a pickle barrell from the phillipense to england, I think :) pickles are always safe as long as they stay covered in the fluid. exposed to air they can grow mold.
  5. Re: energetic healers and Bodyworkers? open discussion thread

    I use it all day- In my practice, it is a pretty pivotal part. I do also do carvings, and channel energy into the wood as i work, like you charging items with reiki. awesome!
  6. Re: energetic healers and Bodyworkers? open discussion thread

    the class I took last on mar 3-6 was one of the best things i have ever done. It's a challenge to my physical body (which soulnds silly ot me) but the effacy of this system is incredible. if you have...
  7. Re: energetic healers and Bodyworkers? open discussion thread

    nope- I'm also a Reki master, a massage therapist specializing in myofascial release, I practice kundalini yoga nad am now studing Qi gong
  8. energetic healers and Bodyworkers? open discussion thread

    so- I know I can't be the only one here. let's discuss technique, slef care, ethics, anything! (oh- and those who aren't practicioners but have questions, feel free to join in ):star:
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    Sticky: Re: Things that make you smile

    Qi gong has changed my massage! I go even slower, my strokes matching my breath at 2 per minute...I feel more in tune with my client's body, and hte results so far are really great! oh- and hte...
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    Re: Modern Day Hunting and Gathering?

    buy whole meat. the less prossessed pieces are cheaper, you just have to break them down. look up martin yan or jaque pepin to see how to properly cut them, and you will save dollars on the pound.
  11. Re: Marijuana,should it be legal,and regulated,or Not?

    my thoughts exactly. as for medical use, I am all for it. inthe same way i am for use of opium as medicine. under a doctors care. and if you are using it as an anti psycotic, then you need counseling...
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    Sticky: Re: PRAYER REQUESTS!!

    you got it, anunitu.
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    Re: Trauma and the ability to "see"

    yeah, I dont kow if i am dissociative, but i did crack my skull in highschool- partial amnesia, but no brain damage and nothing htat showed up on scans. that is when i started becoming more...
  14. Re: Aftermath..Question:Could you really survive.

    I was raised hunting, gardening, canning food, backpacking, learning wild plants for food and medicine, so yeah- I think We'd be fine, as long as crazy humans left us alone.
  15. Re: Marijuana,should it be legal,and regulated,or Not?

    I feel that regulation is hte best route. and no amesty for those already in trouble, they broke the law.
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    Poll: Re: The Positive Impact of...?

    I chose Religion. If properly followed, any path and connection to diety (and in most cases tradition and community) will give you a set of rules to live by that say things like "better your self"...
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    Re: Anyone feel like Thor is with you?

    Absolutly you could and should learn the traditions. to me, the connection to the spirit is most important. If you Cultivate that connection, you will be drawn to many things. some of it is tradtion...
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    Re: anyone do qi gong?

    well, we did loads of breathing exersizes, and 2 complete 50 minute forms. then after four 8 hour days of this, we did Wu ji form- which was fun for me, moving around formlessly while holding chi...
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    DEBATE! Re: why not practice polygyny?

    my two cents? If there was a woman (or man) that omisdottir and I loved as much as each other, and wanted to have that relationship with, both other peole would have to hit me over the head with a...
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    anyone do qi gong?

    I just took the Qi revolution class and i am all jazzed up about it. any opinions? I wanna share :)
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    Re: Anyone feel like Thor is with you?

    I think it is wonderful that you are feeling this connection. and I agree with the others in what they have said. I would add that ot me, Taking time to sit in revrence to your god is a powerful...
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    Re: Smoothie Magic :)

    this is a really interesting Idea. I just got back from a four day seminar on Qi Gong and the guy talked alot about smoothies, so maybe I will give this a shot this morning (with slightly different...
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    Re: A question about Pagan Gods

    yeah, they can. it depends on how open you are to reciving hte information. as someone said, be careful, some dietys are more possessive and can make things...interesting.
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    Poll: Re: Mind/Body Duality

    you can't break this down into parts. your mind is NOT your brain. your brain is part of your body, your body and your mind are both manefestations of your spirit.
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    Re: The Whack-Job Threshold

    my idea of wack - jobs? Doctors.
    well, the ones that shouldnt have graduated. I had a client for a while (like six months) that when she first came to me pointed at hte middle of her back and said...
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