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    Roman Resources

    On the web:

    Roman Festivals and worship
    *Parentalia and Feralia
    *state sacrifice in Rome
    *basics of offerings at home
    *Foxglove and Firmitas' A Modern Fasti Blog posts

    Roman Pantheon and Deities
    *Thalia Took's Obscure Goddess Online Directory--Roman Goddesses, Etruscan Goddesses
    *Anna Perenna
    *some popular deities
    *a longer but not complete list of Roman deities
    *Info and myths about the Roman pantheon

    Roman History
    *'s ancient history page for Rome (very basic info)
    *a brief bit of history about Roman religion
    *Christianity comes to Rome (part of the PBS Frontline series, From Jesus to Christ)
    *basics of roman religion (the site is good for specific topics on greek and roman history)
    *PBS Empires series (Roman Empire)
    *basic religious info, plus other history

    Modern Practitioners
    *Nova Roma
    *ADF's Roman info (while ADF is traditionally though of as being Druid, its actually focused on any Indo-European or proto-Indo-European religion)

    *A modern Cerealia
    *a reading list
    *recreating the hairdo of the vestal virgins

    In Print (aka Thalassa's booklist)
    An introduction to Roman religion
    Paganism in the Roman Empire

    The Last Pagans of Rome
    God against the Gods
    The Last Pagan (about Julian the Apostate)
    The Fall of Rome and the End of Civilization
    Religions of Rome, vol 1 and vol 2
    Religion of the Etruscans
    The Etruscans
    The Rise of Rome
    Getting Started with Latin
    Wheelock's Latin 7th ed (there are also workbooks)
    A history of Private Life from Rome to Byzantium
    Mystery Cults of the Ancient World
    Archaic Roman religion vol 1 and vol 2

    (also worth consideration, the writings of Livy, Tactius, Julius Caesar, Virgil, Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, etc)

    REsources for kids (Momma Thal's booklist and websites)
    Ancient Rome
    Roman Myths
    Latin for beginners
    First thousand words in latin
    Minimus (super cute kids Latin curriculum)
    See inside ancient rome
    BBC primary school history site

    (I have more, but its past my bedtime for now)

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    Re: Roman Resources

    The Golden Ass is really fascinating as well. Deals with the Cult of Isis and is the only Ancient Roman novel to survive in its entirety

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