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Thread: Changing Shrines

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    Changing Shrines

    Is it acceptable to change a shrine's purpose? For example, let's say I build a shrine for Thoth. Later on, I start working with another god. Could I dedicate my shrine to this other god as well as Thoth, or do I need a separate shrine?

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    Re: Changing Shrines

    Now this one could be a toughie....

    I would first try asking Thoth his opinion on things. If he seems extremely against, then I would say definitely don't combine/change a shrines purpose. As long as you're still working with Thoth, you should try and keep his shrine up and in working order.

    In general, if I need to change a shrine to anything else, I only do so if my time learning with a Deity has ended. I then respectfully dismantle the shrine, complete with a goodbye/thank you sort of ceremony. I do, however, keep a small token of the deity on my main shrine, as a reminder and a thank you for what they taught me. Respect is key - never tear down/change a shrine for a flimsy reason. If the new deity has a lot of interest in you, or if you've been working for a length of time to build a long-lasting relationship with this new Deity, then I would return to my first suggestion. But only if the need to do so is strong enough.

    Done incorrectly or without care, a change of shrine like this could be taken as a great disrespect and insult to Thoth. Be careful, think it through, ask Thoth his thoughts, ask the new Deity what s/he would like to happen, make sure both parties are satisfied.

    All in all, I would say the safest bet would be to make a separate shrine, if you can. Otherwise, ask both deities how they would feel about sharing.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Changing Shrines

    Thank you.

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