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    Right View & Intention

    I finished reading the chapters about right view and intention in 'The Noble Eightfold Path: The Way to End Suffering' by Bhikkhu Bodhi and checked a few other articles. Wanted to read on but I figured it'd be best to stop and... Meditate on it! What's awesome is that I was pretty sure I am very much capable of feeling compassion, understanding suffering, that other people want to be free from it and wish for (true) happiness. Compassion and all that jazz. But reading about how to get yourself to feel unconditional love for yourself and then for others and letting go made me doubt myself! Sometimes I hate it but I love it right now. I'm unsure. I doubt something that was actually a thought/certainty I've had for ages and wondered how it jived with the rest of my experience of the world. Bye bye overconfident empath! lol

    But I doubt it now! & Planning to contemplate it during my meditation. My question is however, how does an 'urban warrioress' (Nah I'm not really that tough haha) handle life while understanding and not wanting to harm others?

    But yeah, how do you combine letting go, and also standing up for yourself? How do you translate that you want peace in the language of people that would believe you much easier if you said that you were out to use them to get your goal :'D I'm not asking for a manual but I mean... How do the two ideas sync?

    Okay, this isn't coming out exactly the way I mean to so I reserve the right to correc this post if I can afterwards but I thinkkkk that I still dare 'risk' posting this anyway.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also, where I am I'm not entirely sure how I am 'supposed to' let go of things and keep being passionate too but instead of going from one side to the other to quickly I'm going to try and stick to one direction for some time and explore it before I figure out my next move.
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