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The biggest issue I have with these sorts of things is how folks are quite ready to keep throwing around the words "compassion" and "compassionate". There seems to be a trend, in general and in this thread, unfortunately. It very much gives the impression that if you are a meat eater, you have none and you are not, respectively. I've known vegans and vegetarians who will actively verbally attack and attempt to belittle those that do not eat as they do. Is that compassion? And I've known omnivorous folks who spend all of their time helping those less fortunate and work in animal rescue facilities. So is their compassion simply negated because they like steak?
A few of us who have used the word in this thread -are- omnivores....

I am an omnivore. I'll still use that word in terms of vegans and vegetarians, because from personal experience, that's why most of them chose their diets. Compassion is also a big part of my spiritual practice, but I have different ways of making it a part of my life.