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Thread: Apparently I'm not doing the 'right' 'rites'

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    Re: Apparently I'm not doing the 'right' 'rites'

    I haven't. I enjoy sharing my opinion on that site, and I've started tying up the loose ends. I'll find another site where I can hopefully help young practitioners. The reason I was there was because most Wiccans don't take teens seriously. They did the same to me when I was starting, but I proved them wrong with my dedication to the faith I love. I had started out being the more open one on this site, and giving the newbies some information that they can use to decide if this is right for them. That's probably what they don't like, but I'll find another way to help the new practitioners, even if they don't stick with Wicca.
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    Re: Apparently I'm not doing the 'right' 'rites'

    I'm sorry. It sometimes takes time to find the right site. I've come and gone to many of them. One day I'm there. The next thing I'm just gone. Not even giving it a backward glance.
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