Thanks to John Oliver I'm now a bit paranoid about food waste. I've noticed JP and I waste a lot more than I imagined we did. It's often that I simply can't think of anything to do with the food item, especially if the recipe I'd bought it for is time consuming and I'm working back-to-back shifts.

Tonight I rescued a few remnants of peppers and mushrooms that weren't fit for salads, and made a nice quorn chili for me, and a prawn pasta bake for JP. I had to throw out some mixed salad leaves and a quarter bag of spinach that hadn't just gone rotten, it was turning to liquid (it was too late even to give to my mum's guinea pigs).

So that no more salad need die unnecessarily, I thought I'd start a thread where we can post what we have lying in the salad crisper, or in the back of our cupboards, that needs to be used up. So our more kitchen-savvy members might come up with ideas.

So my food items this time are;

Half a good sized beetroot (still in very good shape). I usually roast it, but I don't like all my other veg turning red, so I don't use much, meaning it often ends up in the bin.

Cos lettuce, starting to brown in places so probably too bitter for salad, but maybe there's something I can do?

Thanks in advance.