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I'm really curious where you've moved to that has winter. I was under the impression Kansas wasn't that cold.
The midwest gets harsh summers and harsh winters -- we don't have a lot of precipitation, and it's obviously not as cold as the Northwest Territories, but it'll still easily get to 10F and even below down here, and with the biting, wet air it makes for a pretty chilly winter.

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In Australia, our 'electric blankets' are an under-blanket that you put between your mattress and your sheet. So you aren't lying directly on it and you don't have to wash it because the regular old sheet is over the top of it.

I'll add to your list too... flannelette sheets! Torey says they're called 'flannel sheets' in the US... but they're the brushed cotton ones that are soft and fuzzy. SO MUCH warmer than regular sheets. I used to hate them as a kid because we had really old ones that the softness had worn out of and that had little cotton balls on them, but a new set is a completely different kettle of fish. They aren't cold when you climb in bed like regular sheets are and they retain your body heat better too, so are nice and snuggly in winter.
I totally forgot about flannel sheets, I HAVE SOME! They are a godsend (and for an atheist, that is high praise :P)

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Pretty much this. If I thought they were getting "dirty", I would febreze or lysol the electric sheet in the morning, when we stripped the old sheets off, but overall it never really stunk or got dirty, etc, since we change the sheet often enough. I will say that you need to turn in on about an hour before you plan to sleep to give it a chance to warm up, and be sure to cover it with your blanket to maximize effect.
Thanks, I'll definitely look into the electric blanket. I know that they're pretty cheap around these parts and so is Febreeze (you can also make your own Febreeze too!)

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My go-to are scented candles (lots and lots of candles) and, yes, food.

I make candles for my shop, so I always have tonnes around, and I cook obsessively in the colder months. Slow cooker stews, stovetop chilis and soups, casseroles in the oven, pasta and pasta bakes. Cakes, pies, cookies, breads, all of it! And wassail, loads of different kinds of hot chocolate, teas, flavoured coffees.

Great, now I've made myself hungry.

I also second the wheat/rice bag. I didn't really get bone cold before I spent last Christmas in Britain, and then I discovered the joys of wheatbags. I even scored a couple pairs of wheatbag slippers. If you're on a tight budget, I have an idea for DIY wheatbag slippers *WARNING: I have not tried this myself, it's just a brain baby I've had*

Get a pair of soft slippers (not the kind with hard or rubber soles) and a pair of those thick winter socks. Make sure you can wear the socks inside the slippers.
Put a couple handfuls of rice or wheat inside the slippers, then stitch the socks inside along the cuffs. Voila!

Throw them in the microwave for a minute or so (but not much longer because fire hazard).

I should note that wheatbag slippers are not fun to walk in, but if you're sitting for a while or wearing them to bed, they are heavenly!

You could even scent the rice with lavender or pine or eucalyptus or whatever essential oils you have lying around.

I prefer woodsy scents in the post-Christmas winter, but spicy orange (sweet orange, clove, and cinnamon) essential oil blends are lovely as well. I prefer peppermint in early December though.

Just some thoughts :-)
WASSAIL IS MY FAVORITE DRINK. I have an old Austrian recipe from my great-grandma and certainly intend to keep the crock pot full of the warmth!

Slippers, rice bags, candles. Got it! Thanks

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I moved 2 and half hours north last september so to live closer to family and ended up staying in an old draughty farm house. I've always been an autumn/winter lover.. I mean.. layers.. knitwear.. soups.. broths.. stews.. open fires.. mulled wine and cider.. big fluffy socks - and well, so on! What's not to love!


livng in the draughty old farm house over the winter was horrific at times. I can't remember ever being colder for such a long period of time. I found that the best thing when you cant afford to crank the heating or invest in electric blankets was layers, layers, laaayyyyerrrsss! normal socks then big thermal whooly socks, thick boots (if going out), fluffy microwavable slippers (the kinds with the bean/rice soles that are heaven when heated up), thermal leggings, vests, thermal top, sweater, big thick coat, gloves, scarf, beanie. All good stuff.

Rugs are best to stops your feet chilling on cold floorboards. Big thick throws and hotwater bottles are great when snuggled up in bed or relaxing on the sofa - preferably with a big mug of tea or mulled wine *drool* and then fill your diet with stews and soups and broths and basically anything that can sit a few hours in a slow cooker.. the smell of delicious slow cooking goodness alone will warm your soul! I'm a spice lover and I find throwing a bit of spice into slow cooked meals full of meats and mixed beans is a winer.

Best advice once you've got yourself nice and toastie is to ensure you keep all doors and windows (obviously :P ) closed and use your draught excluders (long bean bag things that block door draughts) and think warm thoughts

best of luck!
Got any recipes you wanna share? :3