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Thread: The Rant Thread (v 1.2)

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    Re: The Rant Thread (v 1.2)

    Quote Originally Posted by Prickly Pear View Post
    My mom's phone message says " We must be outside", so I think I may have a habit of saying "You must be outside" when I leave a message. I didn't even realize until I read your post.

    I do think that there is currently an expectation for everyone to be immediately available and tethered to their phones, so I think that maybe it has become more of a social nicety to say those things, sort of giving you an excuse for not being at beck and call. I don't think you need one, except in specific circumstances, but I think I am unusual in this. I know people who get upset if they don't get immediate replies to texts, etc. As if you wouldn't be occupied by work, driving, at a performance etc. Or you know, just not in the mood or situation to chat.
    Yeah, I get that. It just seems weird to me, esp. when the same people say it every time !

    Can you hear me, Major Tom? I think I love you.

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    Re: The Rant Thread (v 1.2)

    I have to block a friend on Facebook because this idiot is transphobic against transgender people. His ignorant mindset is the reason why so many transgender people get killed and I'm not going to put up with his transphobic comments or anybody else ignorant comments on my Facebook page again.

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