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Thread: The Rant Thread (v 1.2)

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    Re: The Rant Thread (v 1.2)

    I feel like that the postal service Is very incompetent to do their job now a days. I mail my letter to my female pen pal last Thursday and she finally got my letter today. My letter usually takes three or four days to get there but eight days?! This is unacceptable!

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    Re: The Rant Thread (v 1.2)

    We need a "Stress Thread".. but I guess the rant thread will have to do. We have 2.5 weeks before we leave for Mississippi. We accepted an offer on our home on June 22 and still have not been given a close date. The appraisal was 2 weeks ago and the inspection was 2 days ago and my realtor knows we have to close on the 30th so we can get our new home. My anxiety is through the roof! I sent him a text this morning reminding him how important it is that we close soon, and that I'm really frustrated that we hadn't heard what the home appraised and home inspection went.

    If we don't close before we leave we have no place to really stay! My in laws live in a 3 bedroom apartment with KP's younger twin sisters. My FIL has his own room and my MIL has her own room so we would be kicking someone out of a room plus we've got 2 dogs, a fish, a lizard, and a snake(which we were informed is not allowed in their house). I know all will be alright. I know it will work itself out but I cannot contain my anxiety!
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    Re: The Rant Thread (v 1.2)

    The USDA is trying to memory hole a plan to help farmers not only adapt to climate change, but to become the main drivers of climate remediation. This plan is the result of meticulous research spanning decades and nearly every disciplinary subset and political factions input.

    It was thorough, it was ambitious, and most importantly, it would work and work for us. Not only is this plan being memory holed, we are cautioned to avoid so much as discussing its existence or any part of it’s constituent pieces in our professional as to avoid offending the fragile sensibilities of people who prefer a suicide pact to profitable, environmentally conscious agriculture.

    It has become a taboo for some of us to do the job we were hired to do, or speak about the things we were invited to present.

    .....this is how the world ends....this is how the world ends.

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    Re: The Rant Thread (v 1.2)

    Ah cheesus, you must work for our current diseased goobermint.
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    Re: The Rant Thread (v 1.2)

    In a roundabout way, lol.. yeah. I sometimes wonder why I didn’t open a payday loan mill instead. I know we can all gripe about our boss, but there’s an added layer of rage when your boss is a faceless (and feckless) miasma of anonymous beaurocratic incompetence and downright malice.

    OTOH, it’s there’s always that.

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    Re: The Rant Thread (v 1.2)

    As was said we die with a whimper not a scream or a bang. and for bart i worked in that field and trust me you are lucky to live in a country where you have such a cheap and working system of mail delivery instead of getting mad help things to improve with a thoughtful answer to what you find problematic be nice to your mail carrier,it is a hard way to make a living .

    - - - Updated - - -

    Bart if you had any idea of the volume of mail processed every single day you would understand just what a feat of magic it is that your mail arrives at all

    - - - Updated - - -

    as seen here bart.

    - - - Updated - - -

    that pic from a bulk mail center on a LIGHT DAY

    - - - Updated - - -

    there are letter sorting machines that are 3 stories high,that help process over 1 million letters a day and even more other days.

    - - - Updated - - -

    here is one such sorting machine. I have been in what is called a BMC ,A bulk mail center, and see a small sorting machine here.
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