Hey everybody. Today I'm doing a tarot reading on what'going to happen in George Floyd Murder Trial using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.

1 Near Future #1: 5 of Cups Reversed: There's going to be hope and happiness to proceed for George Floyd Murder Trial.

2. Near Future #2: 5 of Swords: The trial will be humiliated with a horrible defeat during the beginning of the trial.

3. Distant Future: Page of Cups Reversed: Everybody will be very unhappy about the murder trial verdict.

4. Far Distant Future #1: Queen of Wands Reversed: There will be a lot of egotism and narrow-minded of the aftermath of the murder trial.

5. Far Distant Future #2: 4 of Pentacles Reversed: There will be over defensiveness and losing a lot of money with the aftermath of the murder trial.

So what do you think of my interpretation? Tell me your thoughts and opinions.