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pretty much this^ and this:

Religion is an EXCUSE not a REASON....which is a bit like the difference between correlation and causation.

Athiests are just as dumb as theists when it comes to the stupid things that people believe in. Atheists don't have the market on intelligence, or even reason and logic cornered when it comes to any topic in general, or the existence of "god" in particular. That would be confusing them with the people that truly have the only defendable intellectual, science-based position on whether or not "god" exists...and those people would be agnostics.
I can agree with this notion that ones I.Q isn't automatically raised by choosing to be atheist. We can be pretty stupid ourselves and I'll own it. The thing that I'd like to point out though is that agnosticism and atheism seem to answer two separate questions dealing with what you know and what you believe.

For the reason that I DONT know everything I'm agnostic. In light of not knowing plus the fact that I don't yet see any evidence for any particular deity I'm atheist (keyword "yet"). Could there possibly be something to these claims of Gods and Goddesses though? There could be who knows...I just feel much research is needed. Not claiming to be smarter then anyone in saying that just expressing my own thoughts.

In a sense I do feel drawn to certain Pagan ideas though, won't lie. It definitely rings my interests and certainly seems to resonates far better within me. Though at this point, because there's still so much to learn, I choose to be skeptical.

And to answer the question:

It probably won't immediately become a utopia right off the bat if that's what you're wondering. In truth, I think it'd be better to simply acknowledge the fact that not every one is or should be an exact cookie cutter of one another. It seems people will always have their differences. I think we're all capable of bringing about that kinda change regardless of belief. Cause like it or not, we all inhabit the same tiny blue speck adrift this amazing cosmos full of mystery and wonder.