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Thread: Bad Relationship With A Family Member

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    Bad Relationship With A Family Member

    Have you ever had a bad relationship with a family member before? I have, it was my father. A long time ago, my father was hooked on drugs, he beat up my brother, he did a lot of bad stuff during the years by the time I was 10 years old he left the family. I don't know where he's at today and I don't know if he's dead or alive but I do know one thing, someday when I get kids of my own I'll be a good father to them.

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    Re: Bad Relationship With A Family Member

    The only family member I had a "bad" relationship with was my first wife. She was an addict and hid it so well that I didn't even recognize her problem for ten years of marriage. Those last three were hell for me. She lives within ten miles of me and is still a practicing addict. It will eventually kill her. If she tried to stop now the shock to her system would likely kill her too.

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