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Thread: Need some help with spiritual dilemma

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    Need some help with spiritual dilemma

    I was given a spiritual gift and that gift was recently taken from me by someone more gifted in the black craft than I am. I won't move on without at least trying to get it back. I care about this gift more than my own life. I am looking for a spell to retrieve this gift, and seal it into myself so it can't be taken again, then a protection spell. I can find the protection spell but the other two I can't find anywhere else.

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    Re: Need some help with spiritual dilemma

    Is it a physical object? Could you just ask for it back?
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    Re: Need some help with spiritual dilemma

    If you have strong enough ties to the gift it is a part of your astral temple. Not always, but maybe you can retrieve the gifts metaphysical power through magical means and imbue another object. If blood was tied the gift or it is sentimental, then the power with the physical aspect is a bit more binding.

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    Re: Need some help with spiritual dilemma

    Have you tried contacting the police? Theft is still against the law. If you can't prove that what he has is yours then legal means will quickly disappear but you can still confront the person and request that it be returned. You might try to remove the desire he has for the object and make it seem more in his interests to return it. The problem here is that you believe him/her more adept at magik than yourself. You have made it difficult to use magik against him by your belief.

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