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Thread: Dream Spell

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    Re: Dream Spell

    Quote Originally Posted by habbalah View Post
    I've honestly haven't done anything with chakras, and I don't know much about them. I would have to look into this. Thank you.
    Just wanted to add the colors typically a line with the chakra colors but it's not actually part of the chakra system. In many ways its stepping down from hot and vibrant colors to cool soothing ones that help the mind relax.
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    Re: Dream Spell

    I seem to have the ability to receive suggestions from myself about what I wish to dream. I just think calmly about a topic or experience as I relax to go to sleep and I dream about it.
    I have learned to take control of lucid dreams and I have dreamed about events that happen the next day. It is like having a dress rehearsal so I can make sure it goes the way I want it to go.

    I believe that dreams come in two varieties. Those in which your sub conscious is working through a conflict and those that are gifts of understanding. (they might be similar but approached from a different path)

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