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Thread: What to do with feral cats in winter

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    Re: What to do with feral cats in winter

    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkfeathers View Post
    Haha! There's no controversy at all. You do what you want on your property and I'll do what I want on mine.
    That's the attitude I like. This is something I can agree with.
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    Re: What to do with feral cats in winter

    Quote Originally Posted by DragonsFriend View Post
    but I see no reason to step in where nature is selecting the hardiest to survive.
    Isn't that exactly what you're doing?

    In rural south of England, I have never seen a feral or stray animal. I guess, last year I saw a dog I didn't recognize in the woods out the back of my parents' house, but that was it. Didn't see it again, so maybe it's neighbour was nearby.

    Afaic, only help it through the winter if you're going to neuter/spay it. There are enough pets in the world as it is. Sure, take it in and help it if it wants, but be responsible. These modern breeds are not designed to endure harsh winters, and it is sad that they are dumped, but they are a risk to themselves, other animals and other people.
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    Re: What to do with feral cats in winter

    Yeah, ferals are a problem. I might not have shot any, but I'm certainly happy some feral cats got caught in the poisoned meat trap we had for a fox once ... I advocate responsible pet ownership, and the eradication of ferals. It should be noted, however, that I acknowledge the difference between ferals and strays. One can be rescued, taught that he/she is safe, and be ready to be a pet once more ... the other has to be re-domesticated all over again, and will never quite be fully domesticated, and that's just the ones that have gone feral. The ones that are born feral are almost impossible to domesticate at all. Trust me, I did the research, since I had to if I wanted a cat when I was little ... I had to know the consequences if I didn't take care of it, not just to me, but to the cat, the neighbourhood, and the wildlife in the area. Grandma, who I was living with at the time, was big on knowing the consequences of my actions. She also let me name the ducks and chooks ... as long as I remembered that they were food. That's why we were going after the fox - it had been getting everyone's chooks, so a few of the adults in the area chipped in with buying and maintaining a trap, rigged with poisoned meat. I also saw the consequences of ferals for myself, out there. Everyone there was responsible with their pets, so there was only one reason for the possums to be left dead on the ground, and foxes and dogs bury any meat they don't eat.
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