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Have you tried MYFAROG?
One book with all everything and you actual learn something. Its a great book, I couldn't recommend it enough.

Also Basic Fantasy RPG 3rd ed.
Out of all my RPG books, I love BFRPG 3rd ed. I haven't played in so many years but i enjoy reading rpg books.

I have also learned that i HATE the Rolemaster system.

I would have posted links but I am not allowed.

I'm presuming this is basic fantasy RPG and this is MYFAROG. If not then send me a PM with the links you want and I'll either post them or edit them into one of your posts.

The 15 post requirement for linking is an anti-spam measure and maintained for that but in cases where you have a link that is relevant to a pre-existing* discussion then I've made exceptions in the past and probably will in the future.

* In theory, a poster could convince me to bend the link rules for a topic that they've created. In practice, most of the members who have tried to do so made their attempt in such a ham-fisted manner and irritating manner that my default response is, "spend an hour and make the post pre-req." No one has memorably drawn my ire to date regarding an attempt to get a relevant link into a pre-existing thread.