I try and understand the MANY different groups and directions that Islamic groups take. Here is one I was not aware of,and trying to understand their effect on Muslims. Seems they are a Large group,and were started in India.

That link goes to an Islamic site that is against them.

Link to Tableeghi Jamaat explanation.

The group is called "Tableeghi Jamaat",and their mission it seems is proselytizing their beliefs. Very back to basics kind of thing where women and men are segregated from each other..so kinda old time religion of the Muslim kind.

There is argument as to if they are a peaceful path,or if they might make things worse.

Read the links,and maybe you have thoughts on them...

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I am going to add my thoughts. To me this kind of fundamentalism reminds me of the Christian "Shakers"

The fact that they renounced sex and marriage might be why they died out as a religious movement.