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    I have come here with questions. One...

    Is this a proper place for someone with an interest in hermeticism, as well as analysis of numbers and utilizing scientific process in order to get closer to some variety of god?


    Any pagans in Texas, especially central texas/San Antonio? While I may not share beliefs, it's always nice to learn.

    Three.. Overall... I don't know where I fit into the scheme of religion, but i know I'm not totally atheist.. My belief system is this, where would I fit in? I'm guessing somewhere hermetic, but it'd be nice to have someone more experienced suggest a path to follow.

    1. All behavior and all concepts in humanity can be boiled down to numbers. A bit of melatonin there, some dopamine here... All, in precise amounts, as well as with disposition inherited via genes, which are, in essence, more numbers, make people what they are. Claims of good and evil are thus pointless, because you're effectively claiming superiority or inferiority due to the different ratios of chemicals you possess in your head and body.

    2. Primitivism and communing with nature is... Nice, but possesses no real point beyond a flood of dopamine. Ask not what you can do for nature, but what you can do with nature. Humanity is beautiful because we don't live in nature, we live on nature. We make it our own, build tools and further our understanding. And, as numbers are what we all boil down to, what can we do but analyze nature, see what it is on the inside to obtain actual, quantifiable understanding?

    3. Alchemy was the process, and chemistry is the new process. Becoming informed and making, growing, and developing skill in scientific and mathematic fields, so that one can eventually bring humanity further into a godlike state is the ideal ritual. Altruistic studies that benefit a wide range of people are more interesting to me than 'how do I cast a love spell? ', 'how do I obtain thors power to beat up that jock who made fun of my Amon Amarth t-shirt'?

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    Re: Hello!

    Hello and welcome! This is absolutely the place before. As far as your belief system goes, I couldn't say, but there are many different forums and threads here that can help you. If you don't see anything that answers your questions, please feel free to post a new thread and ask!
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    Re: Hello!

    Welcome to the forum!


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