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Thread: Morning. Routine

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    Re: Morning. Routine

    Mine changes, lately I have been focusing on joint mobility exercises ( on my early mornings to wake me up and a kundalini meditaition to awaken my mind and ease stress. On my days off and evening shifts I perform a longer routine of joint mobility exercises with warm ups and a basic fitness (a few calisthenics) or an advanced fitness routine (sandbag [backback filled with hard cover books and two medium beer jugs filled with water), harder calisthenics, or weightlifting) depending on how my body is feeling first thing. Every (other) Saturday I practice Bagua.

    The nice thing about the joint mobility exercises I do is they each can start in your bed and you can just roll out to perform the rest of the set(s).

    My other routine consists of an every other day routine of medical qigong and martial qigong.

    What I find the most rewarding are my rest days where I just wake up and do whatever I want to (my music feels so much better these days for some reason), but I only have these days sparingly, usually if I am hung over (not good for music!), but even then I might wake up with maximum repetition push ups, dips, pull ups (Around the World) and squats to push my mind out of laziness and eat healthy to clear my system of the lasts night debauchery.

    Oh, and use the restroom, the most important.
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    Re: Morning. Routine

    My current routine (on maternity leave):

    Wake up at 700am, get the kiddos up and make them breakfast while they get dressed. At 8am we leave for school. Then I come back and, if the newborn allows it, I manage to eat cereal and possibly do a load of dishes. The rest of the day is spent doing odd jobs during the baby naps.

    However, 3 days a week I go to the chiropractor after I drop off the kids at school, and then home. I am really not productive right now, sadly.
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    Re: Morning. Routine

    I'm going to give morning meditation another try. Starting from today.

    (Even though I kind of enjoyed my life as a meditation skeptic.)

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    Re: Morning. Routine

    My days are kinda like this
    * means sometimes

    8:00 am Wake up to alarm , groan, turn it off, go back to sleep
    *8-9 am Beagle jumps on bed, licks my face till I wake up an kick her off. Groan. Get up and get clothes out for day. If day three, shower , brush teeth while conditioner is in hair, finish shower, shave, get dressed. Otherwise wash in sink, brush teeth, get dressed. eat Bfast, take meds, make sure Vanli has taken meds. Mon/tue/wed/fri Go to work sometime after 9 (Flex hours) ring Vanli at least once on mon/fri (more hours) before noon to check she hasn't had a seizure. Thursday. Get started on research or writing for book by 9:30. Sat/Sun Ring john to see if he want's bacon and eggs bfast. if not see thursday. if so walk dogs to his house walk back with him - Talk about book - what he thinks of latest chapter (If done) bounce ideas off him (He's got a thick skin) then wander through events of the week (John is a friend of mine - he's agnostic his wife is a devout but liberal muslim - no pork allowed in thier house EVER - she even insists on bringing her own frying pan if she cooks at our house)
    9:00am get up swear at self for sleeping in again Rush through above and get to work as soon as possible (or research, or ring john to see if he still wants bacon and eggs bfast)
    1030am mon/friday Work. Otherwise research, writing until I have written at least 10 possible plot point/ expansions on concepts/Clarifications/ .... / ... / .. / or 1200 words for novel. At noon drop everything (unless still at work or writing is going well) Review book so far.
    While doing all this checking on Vanli every half hour to make sure she's fine and to bounce possible ideas/plot points ... (you get the idea)

    I still find getting up at 8 am hard, no matter when I get to bed (Anywhere from 10pm to 3-4 am) I have insomnia because I spent several years working as bar security and night security - 5-6 days a week the earliest I'd get to bed was 3 am many 'nights' it was 6 am - My longest stretch was 288 days straight work working an average of 12 hours a day - NEVER doing that again!!!!! (6 jobs at the time and I was afraid to say 'no', was saving for a house deposit.)

    I'm now a full time carer for Vanli and I take it seriously.
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