Yes, I have made them, usually with yarn or string, bound over and over a book to form a fairly thick loop, slid off, and tied off with shorter bits at various lengths along the loop to form the head and arms and legs. Or I have used old socks or pairs of tights, cut out and sewn together, filled with bits of cotton wool, old pillow contents, or scrunched up newspaper. I try to include something personal of the person it is intended for, but if that's not available, I'll give it a name label, or tuck a photo of them inside it, something like that. I have sealed them in wax with herbs and crystals for healing, or I have made beds for them to lie in with rose petals for love, or hazelnuts for fertility... and so on... and I once sent one out to sea in a tin foil boat.

And yes I would say to very powerful effect too. Once, it frightened me just how powerfully it worked. I would say it went a bit further than I wanted. I have thought twice about using any since. And yes, I did suffer consequences, considering I'm not very into the law of three-fold return. I have had to live with the burden of knowing the misfortune the person (who had SERIOUSLY wronged my disabled, sick child) came to was down to me. Not proud of it but I cannot pretend it didn't happen because it did.

I have always burried them in the earth to rot, if I wish the job to be a slow acting one, or burned them on a fire to speed things up. Or put them in the freezer if I want the person to go away and leave us alone. It's worked so far!