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Thread: Addiction

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    Re: Addiction

    Quote Originally Posted by Bartmanhomer View Post
    I think I better research a bit more on addiction. I thought at first that addiction was a positive thing.
    You've been told for several days now that it's not, with research and definitions that it's not. What made you just now change your mind?
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    Re: Addiction

    Ok now I get the idea what addiction really is: Sorry for the faulty logic and argument for beliving addictions is a good thing everybody.

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    Really? It's been that long? I was being young and small-minded about it.

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    Re: Addiction

    Well, that Glasser actually wrote about "positive addiction" puts you in good company. Glasser is a huge name in education, and he caused a sea-change in the way educators (ideally) relate to students.

    But I agree more with the critique of the term that Iris posted. Positive addiction looks like a misuse of the term "addiction," to me.
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