Teenager who was to forced to undergo chemotherapy by courts reveals that her cancer has RETURNED after she was forced to undergo the grueling treatment against her will

~Cassandra Callender, of Windsor Locks, Connecticut was forced to undergo chemotherapy for her cancer last year

~She revealed on Facebook over the weekend that it had returned and posted a photo of the mass in her lungs
Callender, who is now 18, said she

~ will begin seeking 'alternative treatments'
She had refused chemotherapy saying she did not want to poison her body as a minor, but the courts forced her to get treatment

So what say you on this? As the article reads, most states have a mature minors' doctrine allowing minors to make their own medical decisions. But I guess because she ran away, they figured she's acting just like a normal minor and not a 'mature' minor. I kind of feel as if she's only now able to make her own decisions on the rest of her medical care and alternative medical routes mainly because they gave her the chemotherapy in the first place.

In essence, she's alive enough to complain and sorta comes off as ungrateful for the privilege the living have..to complain about their life.

Your views?