The world is always offended. I was just reading a post on the makeup discussion forum I frequent. It's a place we all snark on the ideas of make up. And once every few weeks a post on 'appropriation' of makeup comes up. This time East Asian chic is offended some white chic wore Bindi jewelry. She pretty much said since her mother was ridiculed for wearing it, she is offended when she sees white chic wear it and not get harassed as her mother did. In essence her past with this jewelry is clouded with a sensitive history.

Sister, that's not my history. You can be offended. But that word is not a stop word. The history you have is not my history. I can understand people being offended over things. Because each of us has our own emotional back story. But just because you got raped by a guy in a diet dr pepper costume doesn't mean I have to give up my drink.

I'm being snarky. Because I'm so fed up with people being offended. Go on. Be offended. Who the eff cares?

This isn't about appropriation. It's about the idea of being offended. And when that meant action had to be done by people who are complete and utter strangers. I mean I'm offended by dumb people. But there they are. Everywhere. What's a gal to do.

Have you ever used that phrase 'I'm offended' and wanted someone to change something because of how you felt? Or is there a place for when being offended means everyone around you has to change? Gimme your views!