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Thread: Meternity leave... Really???

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    Re: Meternity leave... Really???

    Vacation for sure...when I hit 4 weeks,I really did not have the time to take 4 weeks right in a row..the job actually restricted me to at most 1 week at a time because of a thing that happened when I was on vacation. I had to run the printer to do pay checks..there was a second guy also doing it,BUT when I was on 2 weeks vacation he jammed the printer doing pay called in while I was on Vacation to fix things(I am kinda a figure stuff out guy)..went in fixed it,went back on vacation,came back in and then could never be on vacation during payroll week(did them twice a month) only one week at a time vacation.(BTW,it was not that hard to fix the problem,but the others were not very good at innovating)
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    Re: Meternity leave... Really???

    They'd get good at figuring it out if taking 4 weeks off in the summer was the norm like it is here. Just sayin'.

    I have a friend who gets 6 weeks of vacation a year. He doesn't take it all at once, because that's a good way to take some extra time off at Christmas plus the odd long weekend here and there. That's the dream, though it's also not all that uncommon here for people with good jobs.

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    Re: Meternity leave... Really???

    Quote Originally Posted by thalassa View Post
    Yeah, but you aren't making the claim that you need special time off to recuperate just from adulting!
    Nah. Just regular time off.

    So our new mommy (she's like 24 and lives with her boyfriend and they seem like they are 19 they are soo young) just got her driver's licences. I usually have Kevin give me a lift home at night because he passes my house on the way home. Well she pretty much begged me to let her give me a ride home.

    She told me it's the only chance she has to be away from her bf and baby (who just turned 5 months).

    Mommies need special drive in the car alone time. It should be mandatory. I feel for her.
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