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Thread: Got a domain for myself!

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    Re: Got a domain for myself!

    Quote Originally Posted by anunitu View Post
    Seriously I would not be the best to offer diet and nutrition tips. Somewhat like Mask,I tend to Pizza,just not the take out,I get mini Microwave ones(I know mask,Not canon) but they are tasty enough.
    Might do better with gadgets maybe..I do understand most tech..but I think Mask may be better in that regard.

    I am a bit surprised I got to this ripe old age eating the way I do.
    Whoops, I meant Anubisa lol, probably should have not been lazy and wrote the whole name.

    I can devour some pizza...I worked at both Pizza Hut and Dominos for quite awhile...very nice perks ^^ I also love some pizza rolls, it's a good night with that and netflix.
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    Re: Got a domain for myself!

    Might have to try Pizza rolls..never popped to Anubisa and my handles being similar.
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    Re: Got a domain for myself!

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I am definitely going to offer healthy recipes and plan to do like a sort of series of lessons/articles about broiling, steaming, etc... I've got a lot of ideas 'cooking.' Hehe!

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