Okay, so my extended family in small town AL has this thing called Decoration Day, where they get together to clean the cemeteries, and then afterwards on Sunday they have a giant community potluck. This year is especially tough, since it'll be my first DD without my grandma, who was one of the driving forces behind it, and I want to make her proud.

I'd like to contribute, but I need some help coming up with food. It needs to be:

1. Easy to transport--it will be a 3-4 hour drive there, as well as from the hotel to the house to the church, and then we leave on the same day after eating.
2. Won't spoil outside--We set up around 10 and stay until everyone is done catching up.
3. Simple to make, as I won't have access to my kitchen and tools and will be puttering around with other people cooking
4. Easy to get the ingredients: I will probably bring some of the dry or harder to find ingredients and then buy other stuff I know small towns will stock.

There's usually a ton of mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, and bread there. I can do deserts, sides, or main course, doesn't matter.

I've been toying with some ideas (baking mainly) but I want some more options and ideas that might be better.