Ok,I put this in debates for a reason,because we most likely will have differing points of view.

Story here kind of(add yours depending on your view)

I myself am pro pain killers for those who would not even be able to function without them.
My friend that recently died was an example of this. If he did not take pain killers on a regular schedule,he would not even have been able to get out of bed.
He did succumb to Cancer in the end,but he had major spine surgery over the years. Bone degeneration was his major issue.

It seems after Princes death,and it seems even before there has been a push to restrict pain medications because of abuse. This however will make it much harder for those who pain medication is very necessary just to function on a day to day manner.

Myself,I only use pain meds seldom when I have extreme pain. Because some people can not adhere to controlling their intake(abusing the PK's) others will suffer because of their lack of control.

Your opinion/views can let us know how you feel.
You know Mask will have to intervene if you can not follow the rules of debate laid out in the site rules,keep that in mind when replying.