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Thread: Cryptic Codes - Huld Manuscript

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    Post Cryptic Codes - Huld Manuscript

    Hi guys,

    A few months ago I stumble across The Huld Manuscript while researching online about runes and Scandinavian folklore.
    I delved into it right away and have been trying to understand cryptic alphabets in the manuscript. Not so much about their origin or esoteric uses (although that'd be a big bonus), but at least the names given to each specific set of runes.
    With my abysmal linguistic knowledge and what's available on the net, I'd know that Solrunir means Sun Runes, Svartrunir means Dark Runes and Bjargrunir means Mountain Runes. But other than that, I'm stumped. The internet has been of little help.

    Here is a link for a PDF scan of Huld Manuscript 57501b4ee882d9be

    and here is a list of names for different sets of runes written in the text:

    1. Adalrunir
    2. Adamsletur
    3. Alfrunir
    4. Ariardrunir
    5. Bandarunir
    6. Bjargrunir
    7. Brinrunir
    8. Broddrunir
    9. Deilur
    10. Dyrgjurunir
    11. Dymmurunir
    12. Dumrunir/Dumpaksrunir
    13. Dulfrunir
    14. Engeljkt Letur
    15. Finnarunir
    16. Grikkjarunir
    17. Greenlendinga Letur
    18. Grindaletur
    19. Gothiskar runir
    20. Haugsbualetur
    21. Halfdeilur
    22. Hringaletur
    23. Hjalmrunir
    24. Hebrekar runir
    25. Irlendsktletur
    26. Klapprunir/Stafkarlaletur/Trollaletur
    27. Kifturunir/Ruduletur
    28. Kviftarunir
    29. Kellingarunir
    30. Kalkrunir
    31. Liksteinaletur
    32. Lafaletur
    33. Lappafinnaletur
    34. Mainarunir
    35. Makromanslet Letur
    36. Munkarunir
    37. Nordmannisk Letur
    38. Noaletur
    39. Pactrunir
    40. Puncta-Depla Letur
    41. Samarita Alphabetum
    42. Sulurunir
    43. Sljetturunir
    44. Syrlenzkt Letur
    45. Svorturunir
    46. Storkvennaletur
    47. Solrunir
    48. Storkarla Letur/Trollaletur
    49. Sorlaletur
    50. Sarenifkar-runir
    51. Speldrunir
    52. Skottarunir
    53. Sprenghletur
    54. Torkenningar
    55. Tvidufladar-runir
    56. Tebanifkt-letur
    57. Volvurunir


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    Re: Cryptic Codes - Huld Manuscript

    Have you seen this link?

    It's very interesting and not something I can help with... my main interest is the Anglo_Saxon runes which are a bit difference. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Phantom Turnips never die.... they just get stewed occasionally....

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    Re: Cryptic Codes - Huld Manuscript

    Yes I have read that one a few times actually. But it is focusing on the second part of the manuscript, which concerns Magical Staves, Sigils and their corresponding rituals. I'm more intrigued by the first part though.

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