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Thread: Faking pain

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    Re: Faking pain

    Quote Originally Posted by Shahaku View Post
    Not that I've noticed. She complains about her legs hurting every now and then during the day, but she's also full of toddler bruises from all the stumbling/bumping/running to fast and falling things toddlers do.
    Then I suspect what you described in the original post is a bit of a try on. That said, keep an eye on her as I am sure you will! But a really sick child feels ill no matter what they're doing.

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    Re: Faking pain

    My toddlers faked pain. I know I've heard other stories about it. My nieces and nephew have for sure faked it at that age.

    I don't know if you have a bedtime routine down. If so, maybe give a bit of a gap between that and actually laying down. So, for example, get in pajamas, brush teeth, pick out clothes for tomorrow, etc, and then say "Okay, 10 minutes to wind down/read/draw/etc". If she was complaining before getting ready for bed but then completely fine while playing, then complaining again when you actually tucked her in on a consistent basis, then she's probably faking it, especially if her story about where it hurts changes.

    Or, you could give her "medicine" (a gummy vitamin, or something similar, maybe even a (fancy) thing of water (lemon, or infused, flavored, whathaveyou) to ease her mind ("And don't forget this! This will help you not be sick!). A stuffed animal or sachet that smells good might even help if you spin the right story, or spray lavender or something on the pillow. A lot of time toddlers exaggerate, especially when they only have a concept and don't quite understand it. If she sees a lot of people doing it, she might either feel left out, or think that it's normal to do that. Possibly start (if you haven't already) explaining to her various health issues, and then comment casually that it's a good thing she doesn't have them yet, or something.

    And of course, a doctor visit wouldn't hurt regardless just to make sure nothing is wrong! I know we usually go once a year for a check up and stuff, so mention that the next time you are there if you don't want to schedule a separate appointment.
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    Re: Faking pain

    I do not remember clearly if this came up with My and my ex's kids,but it is possible. I never used corporal punishment with the kids,instead talking things out. Funny as an adult,my son told me he hated the "Talks" and would have gone for the spanking it seems the "Talk" had some effect on him.
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