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Thread: New Home Owner Question

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    Re: New Home Owner Question

    I'd advise just buying some 6 or 8 foot metal poles and the 6 foot high medium size fencing rolls. You can make a decent sized area for the dogs to run in and unless their diggers not that much of an issue. Don't know the size of your back yard or exactly how you plan to set it but for a few hundred you can make a fairly decent enclosure with one gate. If you have a back porch you can save on the gating setup by running the fence to the door or backdoor from the porch.

    I think we spent something like 300 to make our initial dog enclosure which was 6 by 10 I think.

    You could also look at getting a kennel cage. I know they come in 10 x 10 or 10 x 20 though they will cost a couple of hundred themselves. They are heavy gauge fencing and come with a gate. Might be able to find a used one that you can get rather cheaply.
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    Re: New Home Owner Question

    If you put the fence up without the survey you stand a chance of having to tear it back down, losing some of your property, or having to pay for the survey in conjunction with any of the above. You want it as close to the property line as you can get it without going over. At least in Washington state the neighbor can claim property on his side of the fence. Believe me it is cheaper to have the survey done and then if the neighbors have any issures they surface before the fence is put up.

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