As the title says barking boys. The almost the entire time we have had the boys they have lived in an apartment with little access to other people or dogs. Occasionally seeing them when on the balcony but for the most part little access. When living with the in laws they lived out in the country and we had a dog on either side that they would occasionally bark at and socialize with but now we live in a city, in a house across the street from a high school. I have a big front door that has a glass screen door on it and I like to leave it open for the natural light, and a patio on the second floor in the back that also stays open so they can go outside. Well we have tons of foot traffic out front and even more coming soon with school starting(the marching band also marches on the street in front of the house) they bark and bark and bark at every person or dog that walks by. They bark at the mailman you name it they are barking, and they don't listen when I get on to them about it. I want to be able to leave the door open so I can have light, and not worry about them freaking out every time someone walks/runs by. Suggestions?

P.s. they do fine in outdoor social settings. Dog parks are fine, walks are fine, just in the house we have problems.