They've been spending most their lives
Living in a future paradise

We've been spending too much of our lives
Living in a pastime paradise

Let's start living our lives
Living for the future paradise
Praise to our lives
Living for the future paradise
Shame to anyone lives
Living in in a pastime paradise
Nothing personal folks, but it seems to me that there are a lot of backward-looking pagans - those who reach out to the past in order to grasp at some kind of "Golden Age" when everything was right: ecology was in balance, gods and humans were at peace, everybody knew their place and liked it, food was safe and naturally nutritious, power was shared within the community, the poor deserved to be poor because they were lazy, etc., etc., etc. into infinity.

I don't believe there ever was such a time or such a place. As near as I can tell, if a real golden age is ever to exist, it will be in the future and require the hard work of being forward thinking realists in the present.

Even with that, it'll be a longshot that most likely falls way short...

Anyway, here's an interesting article that articulates my thoughts pretty well. Have a read:

It never was golden: ‘The good old days’ is a virulent falsehood that infects those whose defences have been weakened by fear and insecurity

So - up for discussion:

When, as a whole, were things better for people than they are today?

Why were they better?

Can you give evidence?