Humans have changed the world environmentally, and we have to live with it somehow. While things aren't turning out great in the world, if there's a golden age for change, it probably should start now. As humans, we have a tendency to ignore the world around us for what gives us immediate gratification, but honestly, it's hard to be human and be without said gratification, so that we can rest our brains and have fun every so often. So how much can we harvest the planets resources for our modern day amenities and entertainments, while still working to save it properly?

If there's a golden age in terms of pleasure, I think now would be it, because if we keep going down the same path, things will only get worse, While the world dies, we'll be staring at our smartphones, and be more upset about losing our ability to use a smartphone than keeping the earth from being destroyed. And that all leads to the possibility of another golden age, one for change. We can either be remembering the years ahead as a time that we saved much of the world, or as a time the few humans who may survive as an age of regret.

But on another note, maybe the existence of a golden age is simply psychological. Our brains become comfortable to the way things are when we are young, and as we get older, some of us will always look back to the earlier days when our brain was still young, wishing that the same stimuli were still around today, because it was comfortable.