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As a quick response to the question:

Yes because votes are about opinion - an opinion on who is most likely to do right by 'me.' Even those who may seem likely to be ignorant can be scarily articulate and shrewd when it comes to what is good for them.

Case in point.

This said by a guy with a disability, a low income and low education. A marginalised person for sure and someone who the majority would definitely be prejudiced enough to label as ignorant at first glance.

Ignorance also has a point of view and just because the education is not there doesn't mean it's wrong.
Good, I'd say, quick response, and an excellent example.

People can make choices for their own best self interest - an interest that can be pushed aside by those who may decide that the self interest of others isn't worth considering.

This is much like the point that Tylluan Penry was making, I believe.