In the U.S., everybody who registers is allowed to vote.

Many - if not the majority - of people seem to be ignorant of some pretty basic stuff, like the U.S. Constitution, local, national, and world events, and that kind of "trivia."

How can we expect to elect good leaders when people who are horrendously ill-informed get the same vote as those who take the time and put in the effort to understand important issues?

Interesting article - The right to vote should be restricted to those with knowledge. From the article:

Consider an alternative political system called epistocracy. Epistocracies retain the same institutions as representative democracies, including imposing liberal constitutional limits on power, bills of rights, checks and balances, elected representatives and judicial review. But while democracies give every citizen an equal right to vote, epistocracies apportion political power, by law, according to knowledge or competence.

The idea here is not that knowledgeable people deserve to rule – of course they don’t – but that the rest of us deserve not to be subjected to incompetently made political decisions....

Waddaya think?