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Thread: How to practise practice

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    Re: How to practise practice

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    Näre, I kinda consider centering snd grounding kinda like when you get off a Rollercoaster and need to just sit on the solid ground for a few moments. I dunno if that analogy works for you but yeah. I also believe it's crucial. I dont do it often, and I'm bad at recognising I need it, but thankfully it comes easily. Mostly I notice I need it when I'm in multi story buildings. I just can't feel the earth. Same when I have to wear shoes haha.
    Thanks, the solid ground analogy really makes sense! I can certainly recognise that feeling when I would need it.
    But then, most of the instructions on grounding just are like "pretend to be a tree". I have to experiment a bit.

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    Re: How to practise practice

    Centering and grounding is a progressive process. You need to be centered to ground. So, sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor, your back erect but not rigid. Use your mind to connect with your body. Feel your heart beat or pulse. Be aware of your breathing. Feel the itch at the crown of your scalp and that sore spot in your upper back. Be mindful of your body. Take a couple of cleansing breaths, In deeply through your nose, filling your abdomen and your chest. Hold it for a count of four. Release the air through your mouth letting it slide out to a count of four. Hold your lungs empty for a count of four. Do it again, each time you exhale let some of the tension flow out with your breath. This will relax the body and allow your mind to focus. After a few cleansing breaths imagine your spirit a little above and behind you. Ask it to join with the body and mind. Let it reach to you and pull itself in. There will likely be some indication that you will perceive as this union takes place. Enjoy the sensation of being centered, mind, body, and spirit.
    Then allow your spirit to extend a golden cord or a root or however you perceive it to extend through the floor, past the foundation, into the ground and through the rocks toward the center of the earth. When you feel the reservoir of earth energy you can hook into that spot with the cord or let you root system expand and grow into the area or any other way that you can solidly connect to that reservoir of energy. Let that cord or root system pull toward earth. Feel the security and allow the energy to travel up your cord or roots to fill you with the energy. As it flows into your body it may pulse or rise and fall but however you perceive it let it equalize within you and make that energy your own.
    You are now centered and grounded. You have at your disposal all the energy that the earth holds.
    Now you can easily meditate or do magikal work without exhausting yourself. You should feel calm but energized, relaxed but not tired, and most of all you will likely feel "HOME".
    Enjoy the sensation for at time and then give thanks to the earth and allow your cord to come back up to you. Let any excess energy drain back to the earth but keep yourself filled. Once the cord is back up into your spine thank your body, mind and spirit for cooperating in the completion of yourself. It is a shame that we cannot live our physical life in that union but we are here to experience the physical and there are times when we leave our spirit out of our lives. The mind and body are often at odds with each other too - it is all part of wearing an "earth suit" as we exist in this form.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Näre View Post
    Thanks, the solid ground analogy really makes sense! I can certainly recognise that feeling when I would need it.
    But then, most of the instructions on grounding just are like "pretend to be a tree". I have to experiment a bit.
    Recognising how you need it is probably the first step to doing it. Yeah i dont do the pretend to be a tree. I do a much more simplified version of DFs suggestion there, normally just hitting ground and focusing on the dirt beneath my toes is enough to bring me back. Sometimes I have to get down on all fours (like after I've been on a plane) or lay down and just 'feel' Earth.

    Centering is about not losing yourself. At least rhat the way I think about it. So being able to feel every part of yourself and know it's there. As I said yoga makes me hella aware of what every muscle fibre in my body is doing, and during Savasana I will bring that body to stillness.

    Do you remember doing that exercise as a kid where you let parts of your body fall through the floor? That's a really basic centering and grounding exercise for me.
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