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Thread: Ideas for Showing Appreciation

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    Re: Ideas for Showing Appreciation

    Michael's is generally pretty cheap.

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    And will be easier to get in a hurry over ebay. Shipping will take forever with Christmas so close.
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    Red face Re: Ideas for Showing Appreciation

    I would like to know how this one turned out. You see, I would like to do the same. There's this man in our neighborhood that my family talks to, and he's in his 50's. His daughter stays in Minnesota with her husband and they seldom visit the man. We saw her family visited last January. Well, you see, this man is a blue-collar worker, he owns a truck but never got the chance to replace his tires since March and till now he's enduring the commute. I'm currently browsing for replacement truck wheels for him since I got to make some of my friends and family to pitch in, but not yet enough. Would it be good to give it as soon as we can pay for it or we should just give it as a gift on his birthday this coming July?

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