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Thread: Almost way to cool. Holo

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    Almost way to cool. Holo

    A holographic virtual girl lives inside Japanís answer to the Amazon Echo


    And a Pic.


    A holographic virtual girl for your assistant...Talk to her people..

    - - - Updated - - -

    Got to get me one of those...

    - - - Updated - - -

    If you are thinking,"I gotta have one of those"

    The Gatebox can be pre-ordered at the moment, and will work in the U.S., but the first production run is limited to 300 units that cost around $2,600 each. We don’t expect supplies to last long though, even at this price. Before you rush off to get one, remember Hikari can only speak Japanese at the moment.
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    Re: Almost way to cool. Holo

    Only Japan could have thought of this...

    ...then a teeny weeny part of me was thinking 'a device I can practice my Japanese with? Hmm..'
    夕方に急なにわか雨は「夕立」と呼ばれるなら、なぜ朝ににわか雨は「朝立ち」と呼ばれないの? ^^If a sudden rain shower in the evening is referred to as an 'evening stand', then why isn't a shower in the morning called 'morning stand'?

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