So I'm googling to double check the solstice date, I'd like to actually observe it this year, and every thing says that the summer solstice is on the 21st Dec at 9.14pm for Adelaide South Australia. Which is fine. I'm more interested in the longest day bit. And yes, tomorrow is 14 hrs, 30 min and 32 seconds long, 0.02 secs longer than today.

But here's my question. The 22nd is also 14:30:32, but with a difference in length of >1sec. (They 23rd is shorter again, of course, more measurably). Which day should I be observing the astronomical longest day? I mean yes it doesn't strictly matter I guess, the high point of the sun is 9.14pm tomorrow. But in terms of the solstice being observed until it measurably is going back the other way, would that make the 22nd more appropriate?

What are your thoughts?

I'd like to spend the whole 14:30:32 awake in my effort to enjoy the last long day before it all goes poo shaped and the days get shorter again, but considering my 4 hr nap this arvo and the fact that it's nearly midnight and my question probably won't get answered quick enough to be actionable I might just hang out side and chill with the Sun for a bit. Dunno. See what happens.

Also for reference, was the website I used.