Last year, as I was studying Wicca, I came to learn that much of it is unoriginal content.
Then, starting in november of last year, I began to compile a list of all of the elements of Wicca that were taken from other sources, in a reference article, as I began doing more in-depth research to find those elements.

As time went on and I learned more and more, I learned that there is less and less in Wicca that is original. At one point, I thought: "at least their cone of power is original", and then later I learned that it isn't. At another point, I thought: "at least that bit about having a knife in one's hair is original", and then later I learned that it isn't. At a later point, I thought: "the only original things in Wicca are the five-fold kiss, and the triple-consecrating with oil, wine, and kisses", and then later I learned that both of those practices, while still largely original, are derived from two respective earlier practices which both come from the same source.

After doing thorough research over the past few months, the reference article now appears to be complete. It is here: about wicca

Of the many discoveries listed in the article, many of them are discoveries that were made by me personally which I don't think had been made before, or at least had not been published before; others are discoveries that were made independently by both myself and other researchers; and others are things that I would not have known if they had not been discovered by other researchers.