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Thread: Welcome To The Poison Garden: Medicine's Medieval Roots

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    Welcome To The Poison Garden: Medicine's Medieval Roots

    I found this interesting about medical plants,and their history.


    Quote from site:
    "From the front door of the glass-walled gift shop at the Alnwick Garden in the far northeast of England, the scene looks innocent enough. A sapphire green English lawn slopes gently downward, toward traditional, ornamental gardens of rose and bamboo. Across the small valley, water cascades down a terraced fountain.

    But a hundred or so plantings kept behind bars in this castle's garden are more menacing — and have much to tell visitors about poison and the evolutionary roots of medicine."
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    Re: Welcome To The Poison Garden: Medicine's Medieval Roots

    It's a great website isn't it? Though I'm not sure what sapphire green is exactly

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    Re: Welcome To The Poison Garden: Medicine's Medieval Roots

    LOL - sapphire, emerald...

    Just a bunch of shiny rocks...
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    Re: Welcome To The Poison Garden: Medicine's Medieval Roots

    Omg Alnwick Gardens!!! I don't live too far from Alnwick so have visited the gardens a few times.

    It's not the cheapest place (and you have to pay separately to access different areas) but well worth a visit. It's like a zoo for plants. A.. 'bot' I guess. ^^

    There's a part that has giant ferns, and I mean giant.. like leaves the length of my body. The air there is the freshest I've ever breathed!
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